Spring & Summer 2013 Events: Online, Teleconference, Boston, Hartford (CT), and Cape Cod

Web and Telephone

Academic Success Catalyst Program restarting in April 2013 time TBD.
For all Graduate Students, Postdocs, Junior Faculty who wish to
• get more productive in their writing and other work
• finish their thesis, papers, or other projects
• have an easier time finding a job
• have better relationships at work and at home, and
• be more strategic and effective in building their career.
Four supportive and fun calls, with plenty of individual attention, just $125. Just four slots left. More info. Reserve your space now.

New SavvyAuthors.com online class starting Monday, June 3.
Savvy classes attract a global audience of diverse writers. Online classes are fun, inexpensive, and super-convenient.
More info / to register.

For fastest progress, try individual coaching.
We’ll work together to finish your projects, boost your work “tempo,” improve your work/life balance, lower your stress, and help you reclaim your joyful attachment to your work. If you’re familiar with my writing, you probably already have an idea of what kind of coach I am. I’m compassionate, yet direct and focused and precise. I aim for quick progress. I don’t beat around the bush, but tell you what I think you’re doing right (usually, more than you realize), what I think you’re doing wrong (usually, less), and how others may be influencing your situation. I do best with clients who like a nuts-and-bolts, plain-spoken, pragmatic, problem-solving-oriented approach. More info.

In-Person Classes

Mark Twain House and Museum (Hartford, CT)
I’m so proud to announce that I will be teaching (along with Anita Diamant and others) at the Mark Twain House and Museum Writer’s Weekend in Hartford, CT, on April 26 – 28 weekend. Honestly, at $150 for 20 sessions plus a free museum voucher, it’s a steal. Limited to 150 participants, so advance registration and payment is a must: Call 860-280-3130 to register. More info.

Grub Street Writers (Boston)
My Grub Street classes always attract savvy, focused, fun, and compassionate students, for fantastic and supportive small-group learning experience. I welcome all students, including those writing creatively, but also for school, business, and activism/nonprofit work. Grub’s downtown Boston venue is super-convenient, with good public transport access and discounted parking. I’ve had students from as far away as CT, NH, VT, and western MA, so you should come in, too, for a life-changing class.

Grub classes almost always fill early, so register NOW!

How to Write a Lot
6 Thursday mornings, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm, starting April 11
$305/$280 Grub Members
Everything you need to know to be a more productive writer creatively, or at work or school, taught in the classic Grubbie way—i.e., incredibly fun, compassionate, professional, and with discounted parking. Syllabus here. Register here.

The Time of Your Life
Saturday, April 20th, 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
$115/$95 for Grub members
One day primer on time management and overcoming procrastination and perfectionism. Invest a Saturday and gain joyful productivity forever more. More info and register here.

How to Make Money From Your Writing
Saturday, April 27, 10:30am – 5:30 p.m.
$115/$95 for Grub members
Title says it all. Aimed at writers who quail at the thought of business, but want more of the green stuff. More info and register here.

New England (and beyond) writers should check out Grub’s monumental The Muse and the Marketplace conference. May 3-5, 2013, at Boston’s Park Plaza hotel. I’m doing my popular “Writer Retribution Bingo” on Day 3. Yes, it’s Bingo, yes you will get your retribution, and yes there will be prizes! More info.

Cape Cod Writers Center (Hyannis, MA)
I’ll be teaching my full 7 Secrets of the Prolific class at the Cape Cod Writers Center Conference, August 4-9. More info.

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