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How to Get More Confident

One of my favorite TV shows is the 1969 BBC series Civilisation, hosted by Sir Kenneth Clark. A survey of European art, it’s intelligent, insightful, and gorgeous, with (for the time) outstanding production values. Yes, it’s also the epitome of white male, Eurocentric art criticism, but it still rewards watching, ...
Cute dachshund dressed as priate

My Eye!

So, I just had eye surgery. Not cataracts, something trickier and scarier. I will spare you the details except to note that the surgery is called a “vitrectomy.” Those who want to look up the icky details are welcome to. It took almost a year from my initial diagnosis to ...

Five Questions to Ask if You’re Not Enjoying Your Creative Work

Creativity can, and should, be an incredible source of fulfillment, meaning, and joy—and so, if you're not enjoying your creative work, something might be wrong. If so, try answering these five questions: 1) Do I really want to be doing this? Sometimes we take on creative projects for the wrong ...

The Easiest, Most Powerful Thing I Do For My Productivity

The easiest, most powerful thing I do to boost my productivity is a nightly ritual that takes about ten seconds. Before I tell you what it is, I need to explain two things:  (1) I use two computers:  A desktop with a great screen and ergonomic keyboard for my writing. ...
An illustration of Tolkien's dragon Smaug sitting atop his hoarded gold.

Procrastination is Hoarding

Please note that, in this post, I'm talking specifically about hoarding your creative / intellectual output, not the commoner definition of hoarding that involves an overaccumulation of material objects. Nevertheless, Smaug (pictured) presents a good object lesson on the perils of hoarding anything. Illustration by David Demarit, CC BY-SA 3.0 ...
cover of Hillary Rettig's book Productivity is Power 2: For Creative and Business Professionals

New Book! Productivity is Power 2: For Creative, Business, and Other Professionals

Say hello to my new book! Productivity is Power II is for all writers, artists, performers, entrepreneurs, organizers, and others seeking to boost their productivity. It's got lots of new ideas and solutions, so if my previous book The 7 Secrets of the Prolific helped you, Productivity is Power II ...

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