Productivity is Power 2: For Creative, Business, and Other Professionals

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"Procrastinators who habitually beat themselves up for their own failings will find this book revelatory." Kirkus Reviews

"What makes Productivity is Power II particularly enlightening is its can-do approach to revising habits and objectives .... Readers seeking important keys to personal, political, and corporate transformation processes will find all the basics and growth-encouraging routines here." Midwest Book Review


From the author of the bestselling The 7 Secrets of the Prolific.

Can't finish your work?

Can't start it?

Feel like your outcomes don't reflect your potential?

Productivity is Power 2 can help!

In Productivity is Power 2, you'll learn how "laziness," "lack of discipline," and other barriers are symptoms of a deeper problem: disempowerment. That disempowerment is often caused by perfectionism, unmanaged time, an ineffective work process, traumatic rejections, and other factors. Locate and remedy the disempowering factors in your life and work, and watch yourself get more and more productive.

Productivity is Power 2 will help you:

  1. Locate, understand, and overcome your barriers to productivity and success so that you can become immediately more productive, successful, and happy.
  2. Start your work on time, work steadily on it, and hand it on time. (Or early!)
  3. Work through problems and obstacles. (No procrastination or derailments!)
  4. Handle mistakes, failures, and other setbacks.
  5. Manage your time well, so that you can succeed academically while also living a healthy, happy, and balanced life. And,
  6. Work more effectively with your professors, teaching assistants, and other academic personnel.

And much more!

Productivity is Power 2 also offers many unique, and uniquely effective, solutions, including:

  • Re-Empowerment. How to locate and remedy the specific forms of disempowerment that keep you from doing your work.
  • Compassionate Objectivity. The mindset that neutralizes perfectionism while maintaining accountability and a success orientation.
  • Timed Work Intervals, Randomization, “Dialoguing with the Critic,” and other solutions to perfectionism.
  • The Joyful Dance, a highly effective work method founded on principles of personal empowerment and compassionate objectivity.
  • Values-Based Time Management, which helps you achieve not just maximum empowerment and productivity in the short term, but maximum success and happiness over the course of your career and life.
  • Many solutions for common writing and work problems including not finishing, not submitting, over-researching, constantly starting over, and avoidance (of difficult parts of the project). Also, for efficient decision-making both within and around projects.
  • Solutions for coping with criticism, rejection, and perceived failures. And,
    Solutions for “digital distraction,” online harassment, and other 21st Century obstacles to work and success.

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