The Journey is the Reward: 15 Years of Blog Posts on Productivity, Love, and Life

I started blogging in 2006, after the publication of my first book, The Lifelong Activist. And I’ve published nearly three hundred posts in the fifteen years since then. I blog to stay connected with my audience, but also because blogging is my laboratory. It’s where I try out different ideas, examine different premises, interrogate others´ work. Not every post I write gets published: sometimes the premise doesn’t hold or the pieces don’t gel. But most do.

I also blog because it’s fun. While books take years of intense labor to write, a blog post usually takes anywhere from a day to two weeks. It’s a little vacation from the big project, in other words. And the stakes, obviously, are much lower. The downside to blogging is its evanescence—even great posts can be quickly forgotten. But some posts you want to be remembered—which is why, on the occasion of a new Website overhaul, and on the eve of the publication of my latest book, Productivity is Power: 5 Liberating Practices for Undergraduates, I’m happy to present this compilation of my best blog posts from the past fifteen years. I’ve enjoyed revisiting them, and I hope you enjoy (re)reading them!

The posts are organized in ten groups:

1. Productivity and Time Management

2. Perfectionism

3. The "Middles" Series (Getting Through the Middle of Your Projects)

4. For Students and Academics

5. Productivity During Tough Times

6. Career Building

7. Interviews

8. Parenting

9. Dogs

10. Personal


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And many thanks to you for your interest in my work,

- Hillary

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