My War on Housework Continues…

As I always suspected:

“LONDON (Reuters) – Housework might be bad for your health, according to a study suggesting that tidying up as little as once a week with common cleaning sprays and air fresheners could raise the risk of asthma in adults…

“Exposure to such cleaning materials even just once a week could account for as many as one in seven adult asthma cases, the researchers wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.”

There’s also plenty of other chemicals in non-organic cleaning products that could make you sick; and overuse of disinfectants can lead to the development of resistant “superbugs.”

As a biologist friend once said to me, “People now use chemicals in their houses that we once only used in laboratories.” Except that he and the the scientists didn’t actually live in the laboratories and so weren’t exposed to the chemicals round the clock.

And none of the above addresses how excessive housekeeping can suck the time and energy out of you, leaving you less able to pursue your dream…

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