Why You Don’t Want to be Donald Trump

One thing I teach, in my writing and business classes, is how to effectively promote yourself. I have a handout (see below) summarizing the three “Promotional Personalities”:

  • Arrogant Idiot
  • Properly Proud
  • Shy And Self-Effacing

I came up with these because so many students were reluctant to promote their work because they were afraid of being (or being perceived as) arrogant, obnoxious, and/or pushy. And so they would err on the side of caution and become too shy and self-effacing. I wanted to show them the productive “middle way.”

The first time I ever taught all this in class, I asked who would be a good example of an Arrogant Idiot. Several students immediately shouted out, “Donald Trump!” And so, ever since then, I’ve used the adjective “Trumpish” to describe the Arrogant Idiot.

And, in fifteen+ years of teaching, no one has ever pushed back.

Of course, arrogant idiocy* isn’t the worst thing about Trump—his racism, misogyny, and fundamental dishonesty and lack of integrity are. So please vote for Hillary Clinton! I’m talking especially to any Sanders supporters who might be reading this. I was, and am, strongly pro-Sanders, and am not particularly happy that Clinton’s my candidate. But I also know that the time to address racism, etc., is when it is still speech, and before it turns into physical and institutional violence. So, seriously, let’s crush Trump and all the toxic things he stands for at the polls.

Also, with the legions of angry and/or alienated Republicans out there, the Democrats have a huge historical opportunity to take over the House and Senate. And that could truly be a game changer and boon to all things progressive.

So please vote for Hillary Clinton. (Today is the last day to register to vote in FL, OH, PA, MI, GA, TX, NM, IN, LA, TN, AR, KY, SC. Do it on this site—it only takes a few minutes. And share that URL with your friends and family.)

The productivity lesson, by the way, is that only two of the above types has a shot at success: the Arrogant Idiot and Properly Proud. Hopefully, you don’t want to be the former, so focus on developing, and learning how to express, proper pride in yourself and your achievements. Mentors and classes (entrepreneurship, public speaking, assertiveness training, etc.), can be a great help with this.

And to any Republicans reading this: you probably know me through either writing or animal rescue, and I truly value and love you for those activities as well as your ongoing support of my work. I urge you to do the right thing, and either vote for Clinton or stay home on Election Day. And I also look forward to our continued productivity work together!

Your thoughts, as usual, welcome in the comments.

*In case anyone wants to push back by telling me that, despite his faults, Trump is a smart person, here’s a short list of things he’s ignorant about (or else deliberately lying about, which is worse): world affairs, domestic affairs, social justice, relationships, business ethics, and personal ethics. If you can think of any others, please leave them in the comments.

The Three Promotional Personalities

Arrogant Idiot”

Proper Pride”

Shy and Self-Effacing”

Obnoxious Gracious Shy
Arrogant Grounded Silent
Pompous Secure Isolated
Rude Helpful / Sharing Invisible
Grandiose Modest (not too modest) Insecure
Delusional Authority Unsure
Shallow Participatory Delusional
Condescending Listener Perfectionist
Naive Learner Hoarder (of work and ideas)
Unhelpful / Grasping Relationship Ashamed
Insecure Guilty
Boastful False Modesty
Rude Humble
Big Talker

Prolificness and success happen in left and middle columns, usually not in the right column.

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