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Recommended Links

  • John Scalzi runs a great blog filled with writing and other wisdom.
  • Cory Doctorow is one of the most valuable people on the Internet. He sees the future, and its ethical implications, better than anyone else I'm aware of.
  • Jane Friedman, the former editor of Writer's Digest, publishes an invaluable newsletter for all writers.
  • Jason Kottke posts great stuff.
  • OpenCulture houses what is probably the biggest list of free online courses and other educational materials on the Web. Many of the courses are from top universities.
  • is the Web hub for all things vegan.
  • Science Daily News offers a great daily newsletter with all the latest in scientific findings.
  • Democracy Now is my go to place for political news.
  • Colossal is a great arts newsletter.

And don't forget...

  • Sheldrick Trust's Twitter account fulfills my minimum daily requirement of bebeh elephant pictures, complete with excellent, contextualizing captions.
  • UPS Dogs, with its dozen or more posts a day, almost fulfills my MDR of doggos.
  • Explore hosts dozens of Webcams of natural scenes and animals from around the world.

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